This is a landing page for my XMPP Server, running Prosody.

If you’d like access to the server, and I know you from somewhere, please feel free to drop me a line.

Relay Bots

I run two bots bridging the #linux channel to and from an XMPP MUC.

The first is based on Aaron Parecki’s Slack-IRC-Gateway, this sends messages to the IRC Channel from XMPP. All relayed messages are denoted with square brackets around the username, e.g. [dgold]. If you look at the /whois information, these users are created by the bot, with the userid ~xmppuser.

The second is based on Jason Roman’s Eggdrop Slackbot, this sends messages to the XMPP Room from IRC. As of this writing, I haven’t managed to get this script to place some sort of signifier around the username to identify as a relayed message.

Any and all help appreciated, as always, if you know lua or tcl, you might just be my new best friend. I’ll put my forked code on my gitea instance when I get some round tuits.

Slack Users

As I mentioned in emails to my users, the actions taken by slack mean I can no longer offer that bridge. If you want access to the XMPP MUC, drop me a line.

In terms of clients you can use instead of the slack electron apps, I’ve found the following to be useful, depending on your OS

OS App Notes
ios Chatsecure Free, GPL3, does OMEMO/OTR
mac Adium Free, GPL2, lots of plugins
win/lin Pidgin Free, GPL2, also on mac, but looks awful
win/lin Gajim Free, GPL2
android Conversations Free, GPL3, available on F-Droid